Becoming A Single Mom After My Husband’s Death

I was nobody’s fault that my husband died from a tragic car accident at a young age leaving my and our two kids. I could not give up on them as they are the reason that keeps me going, and facing the challenges in life as our kids our treasures. My husband was the sole breadwinner in the family and I was the home keeper and I was living a very comfortable life as my husband was a good provider and we could easily buy the things that we needed.

But after the loss of my husband, we have to live in a tight budget plus I now need to get a job as our savings would soon run out if I do not work. A good thing that I was qualified for Grants for single mothers where I get temporary support until things get better as I do not want the lives of my kids affected aside from undergoing the loss of their father. I soon got a job, it was a difficult adjustment for me as I was not used to be doing parenthood at the same time going to work as well. It was a blessing that my eldest daughter could already take care of her baby sibling while I was at work and she was a big help for me. 

As the weeks passed by, we have quite adjusted to our new lifestyle, living things simply while I go to work everyday while they go to school and at times when I got home, dinner was already prepared by the kids, plus the Grants for single moms which makes our expenses lighter in a way. I was so grateful to have these two wonderful children that are so cooperative and we just helped each other cope up and move on with the loss.

Posted July 12, 2017