Smoking Cessation Will be Delayed with These Excuses

For sure you’ve already thought about quitting to smoke, but you just can’t do it at all. You might have quit for a day or two, but returned to the habit right after the next day. That’s not a good sign at all, even thought quitting bit-by-bit can help you further in getting rid of the habit. However, the real key towards quitting is willingness, and one’s will can always be countered by temptation. With temptation comes an endless steam of excuses that will just give you a positive reaction that’s only beneficial for your selfless acts. May how to quit smoking be a harsh statement, but it’s the truth. 

Here are the notable examples of excuses that causes delay in your smoking cessation:

I’m Stressed

You will be a lot more stressed for the long term if you don’t quit immediately. Using cigarettes for stress is like drug dependency.

Ill Quit After (insert any excuse here)

Quitting simply begins now. If you can’t do it right now, what more can you do later?

I Like It

If that’s the case, then just go ahead and keep doing the habit. This article is just present to those who want to quit; to those who unlike smoking for good.

It Helps Me Relax

As said earlier, it’s like drug dependency, and we all know that drugs can help you “relax” in any way just because you love it.

I Like Smoking During (insert any activity)

You will never get anywhere in your plans to quit smoking if you’re making further excuses in almost everything that you do.

My father/grandfather was still smoking at 80 years of age!

But they lived in an era where preservatives were not present in their food products, or even in their cigarettes. Old brands of cigarettes don’t contain chemicals - which are dominant in most cigarette brands nowadays.

Take note that these are just some of the petty excuses that are often the cause of delays in your plans to quit. If you really want to quit the habit, there should be no excuses. It’s like going to the gym - you don’t need any excuse just to avoid it. You just have to do it, and that’s that.

Posted May 10, 2017