Techniques In Dota 2 Mmr Boosting

Dota 2 has been the biggest game in e-sports or electronic sports for the past consecutive years. It has the biggest prize pool among any e-sports tournament all over the world. This tournament is called The International or TI which has a prize pool of almost 25 million dollars last August 2017. That is the reason why more and more players get addicted to this game especially when The International 2015 happened where Sumail Hassan was only 16 years old and became the youngest millionaire because of Dota 2. Sumail’s team, the Evil Geniuses (EG) won 6.6 million dollars in that tournament.

Matchmaking Rating Calibration

Matchmaking Rating or MMR has been the talk of the town for many Dota 2 players even for the professionals. Many are obsessed in this rating since it is the basis of how skillful you are as a player in the game. Since as of today, the highest MMR holder is at 10000, many are saying that if you are below 3500 you need more practice. Therefore, what really are the strategies needed in dota 2 mmr boosting.

If you are new to this game, you need to familiarize first to different heroes and their skills. You also need to familiarize yourself to the different items and their functionalities. You also need to memorize the map since you need to know where you have to go and where you are not allowed to go during the game. If you have been playing this game for some time, you need to focus on the objectives of the game. You also need to play as a team meaning you need to adjust for your teammates in order to win. It is also better if you choose one to two heroes only and spam it every game so that you can boost your MMR easily.

Posted September 13, 2017